• Porsche’s Engine Room Is The Kind Of Place Dreams Are Made Of

    Thu 1:24pm By Bradley Brownell
    Deep in the bowels of Porsche's PEC Atlanta facility lies a very special room where only very special people can tread. Almost forty of Porsche's greatest engines of the last twenty years line the walls of the so-called engine room, spanning generations of…
  • Porsche Cars North America Sales Still Significantly Down In Q2

    Wed 3:00pm By Bradley Brownell
    The first three months of 2020 were exceedingly poor for, well, for all of us, really. But things went particularly bad for PCNA, which saw a massive 20+ percentage drop in sales from the previous year. Porsche has been on a growth strategy for almost ten…
  • RWD Taycan Promises Better Range, Lower Price

    Wed 12:04am By Tommy Parry
    Thanks to Elektrek for the find.  If a mild sacrifice in performance doesn't dissuade you from Taycan ownership, the latest model sibling may tempt you. The Taycan base model, though lacking a driven front axle and the warp-drive function of the Taycan Turbo…
  • Touring Thailand’s Curves in a Taycan Turbo S

    Wed 12:00am By Tommy Parry
    Whether negotiating the sinuous ribbons of surprisingly smooth tarmac in the highlands or cruising the beach-hugging roads in the south, Thailand's varied landscape offer just about everything an experienced road tripper seeks. These were the picturesque…
  • Here’s What Makes The Spartan 968 Clubsport A Special Porsche

    Tue 6:52pm By Tommy Parry
    The 968 was, like the Boxster several years later, seen as an alternative for the aspiring Porsche owner who couldn't quite swing the $63,000 needed for a 993 in the nineties. How unfortunate. In truth, the 968 was a special vehicle, and the Clubsport version…
  • Guntherwerks Has Conceived The Ultimate 993 And It’s Called Sting

    Tue 11:06am By Tommy Parry
    For Guntherwerks' latest creation, the classic lines of a 993 are inflated with creatine and carbon widebody panels. The screaming air-cooled motor suits the car's obvious track-oriented focus, and yet, the interior is a palace for a well-heeled Porschephile…
  • Check Out These Cool Porsche-Inspired Face Coverings

    Mon 9:34pm By Tommy Parry
    Pascha, houndstooth, plaid, and of course, Martini. The designs and liveries associated with speed, the images of opulence so closely tied to the racing world, and the need for tasteful signals of one's deepest loves to transmit to the rest of the world…
  • Porsche Cartoon

    Mon 5:23pm By Jerry King
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  • This Genius Built A 917 Replica, And Now you Can Buy It!

    Jun 26, 2020, 10:39 am By Tommy Parry
    It might not sport the original flat-twelve or the racing pedigree, but this cleverly crafted replica will offers some of the same thrills for a fraction of the price of the real one. If you're interested in some homebrewed ingenuity and a respectful rendition…
  • 997 Versus 991: Which is the Better GT2 RS?

    Jun 24, 2020, 11:18 am By Tommy Parry
    Similar on the Surface Either of the last two iterations of the GT2 RS could be described as a bit too powerful for the technical MSR Houston, but a reasonably tight track still helps convey the characters of these two cars. Long straights and high-speed…